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Tallgrass Trail
If you enjoy walking, running, bike riding or horseback riding, Junction City / Geary County is the place for you!  For a free trails guide, call 800.528.2489. We have listed a few of our favorites below.

Eagle Ridge Trail
Eight miles in length, it's the perfect trail for horseback riding or biking. This trail offers some of the most scenic and diverse areas that Milford Lake has to offer.

Tallgrass Trail
Located next to the Milford Nature Center, the trail leads you past a scenic pond and many informational plaques. A great trail for family or group walks and those seeking waterfowl photographs in November and December.

Pipeline Trail
Though only half a mile, this up and down track will make you think you're walking in the Ozarks, as the trail will lead you into a deep ravine, covered by trees.

Riverwalk Trail
A 4.8 mile trail, which takes you along the Republican River, between Outlet Park and Fort Riley, KS. The trail is open to pedestrians, bicycles, equestrian use, and even snowmobiles. This is an excellent trail for viewing Bald Eagles during the winter months. Be aware, during the winter months, the trail is subject to closure due to high numbers of Bald Eagles in the area.

Crystal Trail
A 2.2 mile trail that leads you past an old rock quarry, where small geode rocks can be found.

Waterfall Trail
A 0.6 mile trail that leads you through woodland and prairie habitats.

Wildlife Viewing Tower and Trail
The tower is accessed from a wrap-around staircase, which rises 21' to the top platform. Excellent wildlife viewing is made available with nearby food plots. The best time to visit is near dusk and dawn.

Old River Bluff Trail
A 1 1/4 mile trail, connecting the Riverwalk Trail and the Milford State Park Eagle Ridge Equestrian Trail.