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Meeting Facilities
You'll find a wide variety of meeting sites and top quality services. The Geary County Convention Center is the only dedicated convention center located directly next to I-70 in Kansas, making easy access for attendees. We can offer you many options to select from including outdoor facilities and traditional meeting space. Geary County and Junction City provides you choices and a variety of settings and sizes to meet your every need.

Download the list of meeting facilities in PDF or Word format.

Facility Max. Capacity Comments
Geary County Convention Center 
Ph: 785-210.2714
1,200 Over 16,000 square feet of meeting space, full-service on-site catering with professional Chef
Junction City Municipal Auditorium
Ph: 785.238.3103
500 A large open space, doubles as gym space
C. L. Hoover Opera House
Ph: 785.238.3906
425 Theater / stage has max seating of 425, with separate meeting space capacity 150
Hampton Inn By Hilton
Ph: 785.579.6950
75 Meeting room for 75 people
Rathert Stadium*
Ph: 785.238.1678
200 Raised deck out door gathering area with beer garden
Rock Springs 4H Center 
Ph: 785.257.3221
400 Multiple indoor and outdoor locations
Holiday Inn Express
Ph: 785.762.4200
40 Small meeting space located in breakfast area
Milford Nature Center 
Ph: 785.238.5323
45 Small informal theater-style room
Milford Lake Conference Center
Ph: 785.463.4000
4,000 square feet of flexible meeting space, caterers kitchen
Milford State Park*
Ph: 785.238.3014
200 Large group shelter area - outdoors
East Rolling Hills*
Ph: 785.238.5714
200 Covered shelters
West Rolling Hills*
Ph: 785.238.5714
100 Old covered barn type building, shelter - outdoors
George Smith Library
Ph: 785.223.7352
275 Facility located on second level, with max. capacity of 275. Not handicap accessible
Munson Angus Farms
Ph: 785.238.8068
200 Meeting facility with 1,610 sq. feet of space