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2022 Community Support Grant Program (Special Events)


  1. 1. Details
  2. 2. Application
  3. 3. Budget Worksheet
  • Details

    1. 2022 Community Support Grant Program (Special Events)

      The Junction City/Geary County Convention & Visitors Bureau understands the community and economic benefits associated with special events.

      The goals of the grant program are:

      •Increase overnight stays in Junction City or Geary County

      •Increase expenditures by visitors to Junction City and Geary County

      •Promote a positive image and increased visibility of the area’s attractions

      •Educate visitors to the different areas in Junction City and Geary County

      The total budget available for this program for 2022 is $20,000.00. (maximum request will range between $2,000.00- $20,000.00) There are no guarantees that the requested funds will be awarded.

    2. Who can apply:
      Any organization/destination attraction located within Junction City and Geary County. A copy of your KS Tax ID Number is required. Event must be held in Junction City or Geary County.
    3. Application Guidelines
      Proposal Requirements
      In addition to some basic contact information and an accurate budget as discussed above, the following is required on the application form:
      • Additional funding sources, if any (including a description of such funds, limited to 150 words)
      • Event abstract (limited to 300 words)
      • Event description (limited to 300 words)
      • Organization mission and history (limited to 150 words)
      • Economic Impact statement (limited to 300 words)
      • In the case of new events, a detailed plan for how to assess and report on the success and impact of the first year’s event(s).
      • In the case of already existing events, a clear and detailed report on the success and impact of the events that have already occurred.
      • Your assessment or reporting plan should be limited in length to 300 words.
    4. Special Event
      The CVB defines a special event as a large-scale two or more-day festival, sporting event or other type of public event that helps establish Junction City and Geary County as a destination attraction both regionally and nationally. The special event needs to generate overnight visitor stays for local lodging properties, attract out-of-town visitors, provide measurable economic benefits to the community and enhance the positivity of Junction City and Geary County.
    5. Planning
      Detailed and clearly articulated plans will receive preferential treatment. It is understood that some proposals for events in the early stages of development may lack confirmed participants and funding, but these plans should contain a timeline and articulate a clear plan for executing the event.
    6. Outreach
      All proposals must contain an effective and significant engagement strategy designed to attract out-of-town visitors to the event.
    7. Budget
      A detailed budget plan must be submitted with a proposal. Administrative costs should not exceed more than 10 percent of any proposed budget. The budget should be limited in length to 300 words.
    8. Allocation of funds:
      Funds granted through the Community Support Grant Program (Special Events) must be used only for the purpose listed on the application.
    9. Funding may not be used for: salaries/administrative fees, equipment purchase, membership solicitation literature, donations, alcohol and anything contrary to the law.
    10. CVB Community Support Grant Program funds will be distributed in January of 2022, or within 60 days of the project start. The Project Summary form and receipts must be submitted to the CVB within 60 days from completion of project.

    11. Failure to submit receipts and the completed project Summary form may disqualify the organization from future funding from the CVB.

      The following phrase must appear in all printed material and/or read in all radio/TV/advertising funded through the Community Support Grant program. This includes items purchased for resale such as t-shirts, cups, etc., with the current CVB Logo.

      Sponsored by a grant from the Geary County Convention & Visitors Bureau –

    12. Application Procedures
      Complete all sections (required) of the application, all sections of the Expense/Revenue Worksheet and explain your request in full detail.
    13. Application Submission Deadline

      Submit Application – by 4:00 PM, December 10, 2021.

    14. Application Review

      Applications will be reviewed, and written notification of approval will be given in early January 2022. All requests are reviewed by a CVB Grant committee and presented to the CVB Advisory Board for review and approval/disapproval.

    15. Event/project cancellation, Inclement Weather
      Should the project be rendered not feasible or impossible to execute, other than force majeure, the applicant must return all funding received within 45 days of cancellation to the CVB.
    16. The Junction City/Geary County Convention & Visitors Bureau Grant Review Committee has the right to refuse any or all applications. Disbursement of funds is dependent on the transient guest tax receipts collected from year to year.
    17. Complete the application and return it to the Geary County Convention & Visitors Bureau. If more space is needed, additional pages may be attached to the application. Applications must be e-mailed, postmarked or hand carried to the CVB office no later than 4:00 PM, December 10, 2021 to the following address: Geary County CVB Attn: Director P.O. Box 1846 222 West 6th Street Junction City, KS 66441 Phone: 785-238-2885